Skate First

This is the first Hong Kong Skateboard instructional & training video that I co-produced. Featuring Hong Kong and China skaters & also the pros who visited Hong Kong and China…

Covid-19 Measures

Social-distancing measures in Hong Kong will be tightened further from Wednesday 29th July 2020 onwards. Hong Kong will enact a 2-person limit on group gatherings to control the escalating Covid-19 outbreak. Dining-in at restaurants will also be banned from Wednesday 29th July 2020 and mask-wearing will be compulsory in outdoor public places.
No exemption will be granted for exercise, and that includes skateboarding.

Interview with X-Venture

次要介紹既Skater係踩左30年板既Warren R. M. Stuart,佢接觸過好多唔同既專業 / 業餘 Skater,咁究竟佢覺得踩板最緊要有咩態度呢? PS : 想將踩板變成職業既你,唔睇你就真係走寶!! #堅持 #踩30年板 #香港滑板界前輩 #yos #xventure #個人專訪 一年一度X-VENTURE Skateboarding Competition 又黎啦, 今年會有4個唔同既比賽比大家參加,男女老少都有份玩!! 6/12青衣Skatepark見 #yos #xventure #Skater #enjoy #6/12