BFD SKATES Documentary

BFD Skates was a skateboard shop I started with my partner in 1991. It was a fun time for all of us then. Check out the Documentary about BFD Skates by Nigel Ong below.

1991 to 1995

my Name card from BFD Skates, 
article by the Sunday Post SCMP and photo of myslef, Tabo and Simon Wong at BFD skates.
Name card, SCMP story from 1991 and photo of Warren, Tabo & Simon at BFD Skates
Documentary video about the story of BFD Skates & the history of skateboarding in Hong Kong. The documentary has footage that spans 15+ years with interviews with prominent persons from the Hong Kong Skateboard / Streetwear / Fashion & Entertainment industries.

A few early skate videos were made by Miguel Rosales, Rocky Ng and Mark Cheung, some of the early pioneers of skateboarding and team riders for BFD Skates.
Here are the videos of the early days of street skating in Hong Kong during the 90’s

In memory of Tabo Kagaya.

BFD skates stickers from 1991 with Vans off the wall sticker from 1991