Skateboarding Soars in Popularity, Urban Sports Center in the Works

Recent coverage of the Youth Skateboarding Contest Finals with some insight about skateboarding today in Hong Kong


Skateboarding’s growing influence on fashion and pop culture has attracted younger enthusiasts in Hong Kong. The government is exploring the conversion of underutilized floors in the Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building into an urban sports center, with a technical feasibility study expected to be completed this year. Skaters and coaches are excited about the project, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety and professional facilities for competitions.

English and Cantonese versions of the videos are here:

My key message in the Cantonese version:

“I think that for a small city like ours with over 7 million residents, having more than 10 skateboarding venues in Hong Kong is quite good. I’ve noticed that the quality of existing locations has been improving. However, I always welcome more venues. It’s my suggestion that we have mini skate parks in every district, similar to basketball courts. This would make it more convenient for participants to engage in the sport and would be ideal.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), Hong Kong SAR Government

Hong Kong Government 香港政府

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