New Skatepark Coming to Chai Wan!

The authorities are rebuilding and upgrading the current Chai Wan Skatepark. They are using the original space for a new housing project but will relocate the park nearby.
The new skatepark will meet modern standards and be slightly larger. If all goes as planned, it should be ready by end of 2024.

Moving the Half-Pipe to Morrison Hill Road Playground

Join us in advocating for the move of the MINIRAMP to Morrison Hill Road Playground!

By moving the MINIRAMP or “half-pipe” from the Chai Wan Skatepark to Morrison Hill Road Playground in Wanchai, we can revitalize the park and cater to the younger demographic that frequently visits the playground.

Move the Chai Wan Miniramp here!

The addition of the MINIRAMP from the Chai Wan Skatepark would be a welcome addition for skateboarders. y being mindful of recycling and sustainability, we are giving new life to the Miniramp. We can also explore the feasibility of installing the other smaller ledges at Morrison Hill Road or even at other venues lacking skateboarding obstacles, such as Tin Shui Wai Skateboarding ground.