Skateboarding’s Green Revolution: Why It’s Time for Skate Culture to Get Radically Eco-Friendly

 Skateboarding has grown into a huge sport and industry, but its environmental footprint has grown with it. Skateboards, skateparks, and gear require massive amounts of resources and emissions to produce while generating tons of waste. Some skate brands and skateparks have started taking action, but the scale of skateboarding demands much more. Skate culture is built on creativity and challenging the status quo. It’s time for skateboarders and skate companies to apply that spirit to reinvention sustainability challenges. By pioneering eco-friendly skate products and spaces, the skate community can lead the charge for a greener future. Skateboarding’s environmental reckoning is here. Will skate culture rise to the challenge and launch itself into a sustainable future? The revolution begins now.
Read the article at Huck Magazine by Sam Haddad &  Dr Paul O’Connor

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