Morrison Hill Road Playground Upgrade

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As a cherished piece of Hong Kong’s history, Morrison Hill Road Playground has long served as a hub for recreational activities since its establishment in the 1980s. Originally designed as a cycling loop track, the park has evolved to accommodate the growing popularity of skateboarding and other roller sports. However, its current infrastructure no longer meets the demands of modern users, and we urge the LCSD to consider upgrading the facilities.

The existing cycling loop track, while still functional for cyclists, scooters, and other users, lacks the necessary features to support the skateboarding community fully. Skaters have had to improvise by using traffic cones and other makeshift obstacles to enhance their experience. Moreover, the dual-level handrails installed for safety purposes have inadvertently become popular attractions for skateboarders, resulting in considerable wear and tear.

Following the Chief Executive’s Policy address and the Hong Kong Government’s initiative to improve recreational facilities, we propose a modest yet impactful upgrade to the Morrison Hill Road Playground. By incorporating features that cater to the needs of skateboarders and other roller sports enthusiasts, the park can become a vibrant and inclusive space for the entire community.

Specifically, we recommend the following enhancements:

  1. Street Skateboarding Additions: Introduce small ledges of varying sizes and flat bars to the top-level flat area, providing a more dynamic and engaging street skateboarding experience.
  2. Park Skateboarding Area: Construct a small, enclosed mini-ramp, half-pipe, or mini bowl in the lower flat area to offer an entry-level “Park Skateboarding” experience, focusing on transition or bowl skateboarding.

These proposed upgrades will not only preserve the existing functionality of the cycling loop track but also significantly improve the park’s appeal to skateboarders and roller sports enthusiasts. By investing in these enhancements, the LCSD will demonstrate its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive recreational environment for all.

We look forward to the LCSD’s positive response and hope to see Morrison Hill Road Playground revitalized as a thriving hub for skateboarding and other recreational activities in Hong Kong.

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