Hong Kong Skateboarding’s Promising Future: Indoor Skatepark on the Horizon

The meeting with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) district manager Mr. Fung Cheun Chung was productive.
Based on the spaces available, an indoor street skatepark would likely be recommended and approved by the LCSD at the Kwun Chung Building in the Jordan district. This would cater to the interests of 90% of skateboarders in Hong Kong who prefer street skating.

The project has an estimated timeline of 2 years to complete.

An indoor skatepark would provide an all-weather facility for skateboarding and roller sports enthusiasts in Hong Kong. There was also a discussion about different skatepark certifications to ensure high safety standards.

Overall, the meeting and plans for an indoor skatepark in Hong Kong are positive developments for skateboarding and extreme sports in the city.
The LCSD and skatepark designers will work together over the next two years to create a facility that will serve local skateboarders and roller sports athletes for years to come.

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