Petition to upgrade Morrison Hill Road Playground

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To the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)

The Morrison Hill Road Playground (摩理臣山道遊樂場) is the oldest skateboarding grounds in Hong Kong and the most popular one on HK Island. Its design was from the ’80s and is outdated and does not meet the needs of users today.

It is probably the most famous skateboarding spot in Hong Kong. It is visited by many from around the world over the years.

Please upgrade this popular skateboard ground to include some modern skateboarding obstacles like ledges, fun-boxes, flat bar rails, and a mini ramp or mini bowl.

A more functional, safe, and fun skateboarding grounds can be had if the LCSD can upgrade the park with a well thought out design.

We understand the grounds need to be co-used with cyclists, so we would propose only minimal updates to the flat areas on the top side and bottom of the park.
For example, ledges and flat bars can be added to the enclosed flat ground area on the top side, and a mini-bowl or mini-ramp can be added to the enclosed flat area on the bottom, without interfering or changing the circuit track of the park.

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