Cleaning Bearings

Here is how I clean my skate bearings with the Bones bearings cleaning unit, blue industrial alcohol, and Bones speed cream. In my opinion, its the best way to clean your bearings!

These are Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings that I have been using for a few years now, if you clean and maintain them well, they last for a long time.

Here I am cleaning the bearings when I replace the wheels; note that I also use a spacer between the bearings so that they spin true and the bearings last a bit longer as the bearing core is protected from impacts.

When using solvents to clean bearings, do so in a well ventilated area and use gloves to protect your hands/skin. Stay away from open flames and avoid breathing the vapors. Children should not do this unless supervised and accompanied by adults!

Clean safe!

Tools needed:
– Bones Bearing cleaning unit
– Disposable gloves
– Solvent

Bottle of Industrial Alcohol – should cost between HK17-$20 and they sell them in recycled beer bottles
You can get the industrial ‘blue alcohol’ solvent from any local hardware store in Hong Kong

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