Skate First

This is the first Hong Kong Skateboard instructional & training video that I co-produced. Featuring Hong Kong and China skaters & also the pros who visited Hong Kong and China at that time.

Featuring Trick Tips & skating by Hong Kong & China skaters: Luk Chun Yin, Johnnie Tang, Lee Ka Lung , Wai, Johhny Tang (China), Siu Fung (Thrasher), Wui fung, Kevin Wu, Daryll , myself… and more.

Featured Pros: Reese Forbes, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, Brandon Biebel, Brian Wenning, Rick McCrank, Eric Koston, Rob Gonzales, Kenny Reed and more…

Music provided from local indy bands & artists, including Ryan Hui, Audiotraffic, Hardpack, QiuHung, 24 Herbs, Jason Kwok & Ghost Style.

Made in Hong Kong by Hong Kong Skateboarders, representing our home, music and street culture.
Directed and edited by Nigel Ong.