Skateboard Assembly

Setting up a skateboard can be a fun learning experience with your kid! Putting all the parts together is fun and a chance for kids to learn how these parts work together!

A skateboard is assembled with many parts

There are many ways to customize a skateboard. From sticker placement to customized grip-tape, the assembly is a fun activity that most skateboarders love doing!
For kids, it will become a necessary ritual every time they set up their own new skateboards!
It is interesting to see how different people set up their boards!

The only step I recommend kids not to do is cutting othe grip tape; this must be done by an adult or under strict supervision, and never ever let kids do this unsupervised.

I won’t detail here about how to assemble a skateboard. There are excellent instructional and how-to websites out there, and I recommend having a look here:
Skateboard Assembly Instructions by SkateDeluxe

Also, there are many how-to’s on Youtube, but the best one is by skateboarding legend Ron Whaley at NHS website here:

I currently have some stock of smaller skateboards for kids available;

Complete skateboards can be fully or partially set up for you, 
– I can set up the complete skateboard for you, or 
 -just apply the grip tape or assemble the wheels, etc. 

I can also set up skateboards with you during our skateboarding sessions ( temporarily suspended as of writing this ). 

Contact me for the info!