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Some Video Clips of myself from the late 1990’s to 2000’s – the pre – skatepark era in Hong Kong

Street Rolling Hong Kong

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‘走街’記錄了九十年代中至二千年代末香港的滑板進程。視頻出自三位滑板攝錄師包括許家偉,Nigel Ong,Warren Stuart的數碼攝錄機,由多位滑手日以繼夜拍攝。 九十年代末香港街頭正值百花齊放的年代。開放,自由,街頭充滿活力,各式各樣的文化靜寂地萌芽,滑板亦然。燃燒的青春為街頭添上顏色。 A visual chronicle by videographers Obeyjeffism Hui , Nigel Ong and Warren Stuart, Street Rolling looks back at the evolution of skateboarding in Hong Kong between the mid-1990s and the late 2000s. Hog Kong in the late 1990s gave free rein to street cultures galore. It was open, free, full of energy. Among others, Skateboarding rose above the concrete jungle, taking over the streets with the blaze of youth. 香港滑板店 8FIVE2 HKIT SBC Skate shop

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