Specialized Skateboards for Kids

Tristan & Charlotte are both 7 years old and riding custom 7.25″ Decks pared with Ace Trucs

Why a custom deck?

Riding a skateboard sized for your child will allow them to learn faster and ride safer.
Riding a standard-sized skateboard makes is possible, but hinders their learning and would make some maneuvers a bit more difficult to learn.

Big & Small
7 inch skateboard and an 8.5 inch skateboard

When choosing a skateboard for your child, avoid buying toy skateboards from toy shops. I can understand why some parents choose this option, but they are difficult to ride and learn on, and if you are considering lessons for your child, then use a quality board to enable your child to learn.

Micro3’4″ or below5 or younger6.5″-6.75″11″-11.5″
Mini4’4″6 to 87.0″ – 7.25″11.5″ – 12.5″
Mid5.2″9 to 127.3″ -7.5″12.5″ – 13.5″
Full Size5’3″ +12 +7.75″14″ +
Age | Height | Deck Size & Wheelbase
Warehouse Skateboards Deck Sizing Chart

Most skateboard shops would sell ‘beginner’ completes or smaller skateboard decks and trucks for kids. The general rule of thumb is, if your child is 12 or 13 or above, they can use a full-sized skateboard.

What is “WHEELBASE” and why is it important?

Split stance
Avoid Split stance

The “Wheel Base” is the distance between the skateboard’s inner mounting holes. The distance between these mounting holes determines how far apart the front and back wheels will be; standard wheelbase for full-sized boards are 14″-15″. For smaller children, using a wheelbase smaller than 14″ would help them have a better stance, avoid that split sumo stance and therefore, ride safer and learn better.

Saltrags Skateboards

I found Saltrags Skateboards when I was looking for quality skateboards for my son, something smaller but the same quality as the skateboards I am riding. Saltrags boards are made by Paul Schmitt – PS Stix – one of the best skateboard wood factories in the world. Paul has decades of skateboard making experience and many of the top brand boards are made by his factory. Saltrags boards are scaled-down versions of the full-sized skateboards PS Stix makes, not just cut smaller, but made with smaller molds and concaves. Matched with the right scaled-down parts, my son was able to progress quite quickly. I am also currently riding the same wood as my son, so I know he is riding good wood.

Me & Tristan
Father & Son Set ups

Tristan is riding:
Saltrags 7.25″ Deck with Ace 11 ( 7.25″) Trucks, Soft Bones Bushings
Bones 50mm wheels with Bones Swiss Bones Bearings
I’m riding:
FA 8.5″ Deck with Ace 44 (8.35″) Trucks,
Bones 53mm wheels with Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearing

Check out Salt Rags Hong Kong Rider Gaku Fujimoto catching a high Ollie on the 7.25″ Angry Moth Board!

Check out Saltrags website for more info about their boards, available now at IX DRAGON Skateboard shop in Hong Kong

Trucks – Ace Trucks

Ace Trucks 22 Classic - Polished
Ace Trucks 22 Classic - Polished

I recommend Ace trucks, they are light and have a really good turn, learn more about them here

Bones bushings

Finally, don’t forget to replace the stock bushings on the trucks with softer ones. Most trucks come with stock bushings that may be too hard for kids.
For them to learn how to turn and carve, I recommend softer bushings like the ones from BONES

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Board sizes

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