Smaller Skateboards

A skateboard that fits the rider is crucial for progression.

Doubles with Boaz (9.5 years old) , learning how to carve lines in the bowl at Tseung Kwan O Skatepark
Full split “sumo stance” is too wide

If your child is doing a full split when standing on a skateboard, then you may need to consider a smaller skateboard, otherwise a standard skateboard is ok. Standard skateboards have a wheelbase anywhere between 14″ to 15″ inches and are 8″ to 9″ wide. Smaller skateboard decks are anywhere from 11.5″ to 13″ inches wheelbase and anywhere between 7″ to 8″inches wide. Key here is the wheelbase so your kid does not stand on the skateboard in a sumo-stance.

Also, smaller decks help because it’s less likely to hit the sidewall or wheels because the deck is less wide. Overall it is also lighter as you would be using smaller trucks, etc. This allows better body position and stance and younger skaters can learn better and progress faster due to the board fitting their size. Basic manouvers become much easier to do compared to using full size board. Its also important to use smaller trucks and softer bushings so they can turn easier as kids are much lighter than adults.

Boaz rides a Salt Rags skateboard for riders 8 – 11 years old. It is 7.65″inches wide with a shorter wheelbase for better control. The skateboard Deck itself is made by PS_Stix with the same pro concave and quality as Pro Boards.
Trucks are Independent 139’s with Bones SPF wheels with Bones Swiss Bearings, and the bushings have been replaced with the softest Bones bushings to allow for better turning.

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Boaz with his skateboardS

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